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Kookum Knows 


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Kookum Knows Best 

West Coast & Native Art, Gifts, Clothing, and Bath Products

What Awaits You

Whether you're looking for First Nations art and clothing or simply browsing for soaps and bath bombs, Kookum Knows Best in Surrey, BC has a unique selection of home made products. We attend all the various Pow Wows in the lower mainland of Vancouver BC selling our family made products. 

All of our products are now within your reach through this website. Simply place your order and we'll ship the item of choice to your location. Simple and convenient. Don’t mind going out? Let us know. We can definitely meet you in the community, hand your orders personally if you reside in the Vancouver area.


Framed/Unframed Art

Soap & Body Products

Mugs, Magnets, Cards


        • Original First Nations Art and Clothing
        • Dene Nation and North West Territories Art 
    • Bath & Body products made from nature: soap, bath bombs, facial toners, lip balm, bath salts, facial toners
    • Mugs, Magnets, Calendars, Cards, Vehicle Decals